Filtr ceramiczny 455kHz +/- 3kHz - muRata - 455HT

Ceramic Filters for IF 455IT muRata CFWLA455KJFA

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Ceramic Filters For IF 455kHz +/- 2kHz - muRata - 455IT, series: CFWLA455KJFA, CFW - 455 kHz IT ; CERAFIL (Filters, Traps, Discriminators) Filters for Communication Equipment. To radio cb: President, M-tech, TTI, Lafayette, Stabo, Yosan. Better selectivity of receiver.

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Ceramic filter second Intermediate frequency 455kHz - muRata ± 2kHz IT - 4+1 legs


Are low profile high selectivity ceramic filters which use 6 elements in ladder form. Filter for high-class transceivers, cordless telephones and amateur radios. After replace for you can: receive more signal when the same noise, less crosstalk, have better selectivity, cut out signals sent in other frequencies than right one for present channel. - It all depends of what radio and what filter there was. 


Please check it carefully before you buy and replace! 

Most common in radio CB, it is filter ± 3kHz HT. 


ATTENTION: suitable for radio:

  • AnyTone
  • CRT SuperStar
  • M-Tech Legend II
  • Lafayette
  • President Andy ASC
  • President Grant II ASC
  • President Harry Classic
  • President Harry II ASC
  • President Harry III ASC
  • President Henry ASC Classic
  • President Jackson I
  • President Jackson II ASC
  • President JFK II ASC
  • President Jimmy II ASC
  • President Johnny II ASC
  • President Johnny III ASC
  • President Johnson II
  • President Taylor III ASC
  • President Teddy ASC
  • President Thomas ASC
  • President Walker ASC
  • President William ASC
  • Stabo
  • Yosan
  • TTI 770
  • TTI 880
  • And others, in which there is a fail filter 455kHz


  • CQ S455HT
  • FT-3 FL-0852
  • FL-852
  • LTS455HTW
  • BFLG0852001

The offered type: CFWLA455KJFA-B0

We recommend ceramic filters 455kHz - ± 2kHz also for hobbyist, amateur constructors of radio...


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