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Stationary air conditioners Dometic, SALE AND SERVICE, spare parts

Stationary air conditioners for truck Dometic, SALE AND SERVICE, spare parts, accessories, 24v DC


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  • Truck parking cooler Dometic CoolAir SP 950C – Compressor unit 24V
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    Truck parking cooler Dometic...

    CoolAir SP 950C compressor unit for split parking air conditioner for 24V trucks, can be used with an evaporator mounted on the roof or inside the cab. It works completely independent of the engine (with the engine off), allows you to save fuel. Truck parking cooler ensures optimum comfort, maintains the optimum temperature and further reduces humidity.

  • WAECO Coolair CA 850S, RT 880...

    Fan for the WAECO Coolair CA850S, RT 880 air conditioner. Propeller for condenser, parking cooler, rooftop air conditioners for trucks, car blower Weco, Dometic. FAN SPAL VA31-B100/HD/IE-106A/SH 24V VA31-B100WPHDIE-107, ASH 20102005A.

  • Truck parking cooler Dometic CoolAir SP 950I – Interior evaporator unit
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    Truck parking cooler Dometic...

    Dometic CoolAir SP 950I internal evaporator for split truck air conditioners 24V Waeco mounted on the inside of the rear wall of the cab. Cooling system with control panel, air conditioning blowing with remote control. Independent truck cooling. Air outlets with adjustable ventilation. Installation without disturbing the roof structure. Cools and dehumidifies the air inside the vehicle.

  • Pump condensation, coil CEME...

    Electromagnetic pump for water, coil CEME ET-200 24V, 50Hz, 19W for Waeco CoolAir SP 950, SP 950T rooftop air conditioner, Dometic truck parking cooler, air conditioning.

  • Remote control for parking air...

    Remote control for Dometic Waeco CoolAir parking cooler RT880, SP950, CA 850 S. Air Conditioner for 24V trucks, Cool Air truck rooftop cooler.

  • Truck parking cooler Dometic CoolAir SP 950T – Roof evaporator unit
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    Truck parking cooler Dometic...

    Dometic CoolAir SP 950T super-slim rooftop evaporator unit for a split parking cooler for 24V Waeco trucks mounted on the roof under a roof spoiler or superstructure. Cooling system with control panel, stationary air conditioning blowing with remote control. Independent truck cooling. Ideal for trucks with high cabs, roof spoilers or roof-mounted structures.

  • Compressor HIGHLY BSA645CR-R1ENC...

    New Hitachi BSA 645CR series micro compressor for parking cooler, trucks roof air conditioning, small refrigeration unit R134a 24v DC, HIGHLY BSA645CR-R1ENC. Used in means of transport, such as trucks, buses, locomotive. Fits air conditioners e.g. Waeco, Dometic CoolAir RT780, RT880, SP950

  • Fan for the Dometic Coolair RTX...

    The 24V, 220mm fan fits the Dometic Coolair RTX 1000, RTX 2000 air conditioner. Propeller for parking air conditioning condenser, blower 22cm for parking air conditioner, Dometik, Domestic, ebm-papst, Dometic truck air conditioner.

  • Electronic panel for SP 950 WAECO roof air conditioner
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    Electronic panel for SP 950...

    Control board for roof air conditioner SP950 WAECO compressor module, aggregate control panel, parking air conditioning, electronics for controlling, powering, switching the compressor on and off. Control unit, electronic circuit for parking compressor air conditioning mounted on the roof of a truck, instead of a sunroof WABCO Waeko 24V, 13217077, EMV SP 950 S V9

  • Service, Repairing of the roof...

    Service Dometic RTX1000 RTX2000 SPX1200. Roof air conditioner, parking air conditioner, repair, service RTX1000 RTX2000 SPX1200. 66-BB86-2103 GAN, 82-EC-536EC10_I, G4-optimized DPCBA, 9105306748, V85050527, ACM-800-E-24, V85098620, 9105306749, 66-BC22-2102, G4-Optimized MPCBA-24, 70030251, RTX 1000 MPCBA-24V, GB-PQ40-05332, MGRTX24VIRW040.PCB, Genbyte, RTX DPCBA, 82-EC-536EC19, 82-EC-536EC11, 82-EC-536EC14, MGSP536EC13D040.PcbDoc.

  • Electronics for the Dometic...

    Chiller control panel, control board, compressor module, power control electronics for Dometic parking air conditioner, air conditioning, original spare parts, shop, control unit, electronic board for compressor air conditioning, used in models B2200, B2200H, B2200S/L, B2200S/LS/R, Microtec, M 147_V1, 22439, FW 1.00, 52026.

  • Dometic Freshlight 1600, 2200 right air vent
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    Dometic Freshlight 1600, 2200...

    Condenser, cooler, heat exchanger for Dometic roof air conditioner, domatic, domestic, parking air conditioning, motorhome roof cooler, grey aluminium duster, radiator coil, caravan, original spare parts, shop, service, accessories, used in FJ1100, FJ-1100, FJ1100AM air conditioners.