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Reparation of Dometic refrigerator

reparation of Dometic refrigerator

Reparation and full service of refrigerators made by Dometic, tourist car, mini fridge, to camping and rv

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  • Repair - regeneration,...

    Repair, service, regeneration, launch, commissioning of the aggregate Danfoss refrigeration unit for a car refrigerator (BD35, BD80, 101Z0200, 101Z0220, 101Z1220). Hermetical, piston, cooling compressor, condensing unit, compressor for refrigeration equipment.

  • Repair - Service of Waeco...

    Service Dometic Waeco CoolMatic CR-0050 refrigerators. Compressor caravan fridge for use in boats, caravans and motorhomes works only while driving, stopped working, poorly, does not cool, freeze, short-circuits, doesn’t work, refrigerator fuse, does not turn on/off, lint, replacement evaporator. Repair of starter ECU control unit electronics 101N0210, Danfoss BD35F compressor, thermostat

  • Repair - service of the Dometic...

    Repair, service, reconditioning Volkswagen VW T4 Westfalia California Dometic RC1140-1, 9583107.01, 523304, 7302034, 294806212 ED1198, BD35F fridges. Replacement of refrigerant, control electronics, panel, compressor, thermostat unit. Fail, removal of a refrigerator failure, the fridge freezes or does not cool, starting of the refrigeration compressor. Refrigerant leak, gas, refill, recharge.