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RV Camping caravan equipment

Equipment, accessories for camping, caravan, campervan, RV Motorhome and campsite


  • RV, camping refrigerators

    Caravan, campervan, RV Motorhome, camping refrigerators, coolers, freezers with compressor, thermoelectric, absorption fridge, spare parts, accessories, service, reparation.

  • Air conditioning to...

    Roof air conditioning, roof with window,under seat refrigerator to rv caravan, using compressor technology, made by Dometic

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  • Repair, service, regeneration....

    DOMETIC B2200 Roof air conditioner, parking, air conditioning repair in a motorhome, service, regeneration, does not cool, heats up, hole in the system, inserting service valves, finishing the air conditioning, filling the air conditioning. Used in motorhomes, caravans. 9102900166, 958500163, 958500166, 958500169, 958500180, 958500184, 958500185, 958500186, 958500187, 958500188.

  • Spare parts for the Dometic B1600, B2200 parking air conditioner
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    Spare parts for the Dometic...

    Dometic B1600, B2200 roof air conditioner, original spare parts for roof air conditioning. Cover, gasket, compressor, capacitor, compressor wiring, wires, evaporator, fan, resistor, thermal switch, label, sticker

  • Dometic PerfectKitchen MCK 750 12 V tourist car kettle
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    Dometic PerfectKitchen MCK 750...

    Dometic PerfectKitchen MCK750 electric kettle for 12V Waeco. Handy, best for use in a car, caravan, motorhome, RV, boat and yacht. Plugs into the cigarette lighter socket or battery to boil water, coffee and soup. The device has protection against switching on empty and is equipped with a thermostat, water heater and hob.

  • Mechanical thermostat for...

    Original mechanical thermostat for truck refrigerator WAECO / DOMETIC CoolMatic, temperature sensor control knob, WAEKO bimetallic thermostat. CR-50, CR-65, CR-80, CR-110, CR-1050, CR-1065E, CR-1080, CR-1110, CR-1140. FSTB, KPF1E1, 13-00-KPF1E1 Foshan Tongbao.

  • Glass shelf for the fridge Indel-B CR-130 CRUISE
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    Glass shelf for the fridge...

    Glass shelf above the container over vegetables for refrigerator Indel B CR-130 CRUISE. Parts for portable and tourist fridges 12V 24V.

  • Under-bench air conditioning Dometic FreshWell FW 3000 230V - cooling and heating
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    Under-bench air conditioning...

    Under-bench air conditioning Dometic FreshWell 3000 for RV, camper vehicles up to 8 m long. Located under a bench in a caravan or trailer, it is the ideal space saving solution without roof loading. Equipped with a modern heat pump, the air conditioning will ensure effective heating in cold weather, cool and heat. Air distributor.

  • White DOMETIC CoolMatic CD 30 drawer fridge for caravan, yacht
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    White DOMETIC CoolMatic CD 30W...

    Waeco CD30W drawer refrigerator with white front is the perfect solution for motorhomes, campers, boats, yachts and other recreational vehicles RV. For installation in a small space, it uses unused storage compartments (eg under seats or in a bunk), turning them into a 30-liter cooling space. The cooling unit can be fitted to the side of the cooler (left/right), or up to 1.5 metres away.

  • 30 mbar Gas Burner Jet for...

    30 mbar Gas burner nozzle, chewing gum injector for motorhome or caravan Dometic / Electrolux absorption Fridge. Sometmes called a cap jet. Fitted to RM 4 ,6 ,7 series ammonia refrigerators. Stock parts available for caravans, motorhomes and boats. RM270, RM 4200, RM 7400, RM 8400, RMS 8400

  • Door Gasket for Refrigerator...

    Refrigerator Door Gasket for RV. Replacement rubber seal to suit Dometic, Waeco CoolMatic CRP 40, CR 50, CRD 50, CR 1050, CRD 1050 fridge lids.

  • Lodówka Indelb Cruise 40 Cubic do łodzi, jachtu, samochodu kempingowego Kamper
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    Indel B Cruise 40 Cubic...

    Indel B CR 40 CUBIC can be used as a fridge or freezer and installed both as a front opening (Cruise) or as a top opening (Built-In box). Brand new, cheap, coolerbox for car 12/24v, capacity 40L. Ideally suited for a city trip or travel, motorhomes, RV, caravans, camping on boats or yachts. The fan-cooled compressor unit of refrigerator is placed on the back, can be easily moved up to 1,3 m away.

  • Secop 101N0210 Electronic Unit...

    Electronic Unit 101N0210 (12/24V DC) – BD35F, BD50F - BLDC control module for compressor, DC Controller – startup and driver for Danfoss, Secop BD 35/50. Control box, inverter car fridge, electronic plate for the car refrigerator. Starting device, compressor starter. Driver built on the Dialog D0798BA processor

  • Repair, service, regeneration....

    Service, repair of DOMETIC FJ2200 roof air conditioner, parking, regeneration, does not cool, heats up, hole in the system, insertion of service valves, installation filling of air conditioning. Used in caravans, RV, motorhome. Boyard QHC-13K, 220-240 V, 50 Hz, R407V, 2S-13121800413, 9105305738, 936000694, 9366001835, 936002049, 936002050 958500119, 958500870.