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  • Ceramic filter 450HT muRata...

    Ceramic filter 450kHz +/- 3kHz - muRata – 450HT, type: CFWLA450KHFA, CFW - 450 kHz HT, quartz to cb radio, replaces ALFY450H made by Toko

  • Ceramic filter 450IT muRata...

    Ceramic filter 450kHz +/- 2kHz - muRata - 450IT, type: CFWLA450KJFA-B0, CFW - 450kHz IT, Second intermediate frequency filter to cb Uniden 510, 520XL

  • Ceramic filter 455F muRata...

    Ceramic filter 455kHz +/- 6kHz - muRata - 455F, type: CFWLA455KFFA-B0, CFW - 455 kHz F, replaces ALFY455F made by Toko, LT455FW, CQ 33-455F, wide filter of second IF, L72-0315-05, Kenwood TS450, TS-690 CF1

  • Ceramic filter 455HT muRata...

    Ceramic filter 455kHz +/- 3kHz - muRata - 455HT, typ: CFWLA455KHFA, CFW - 455 kHz HT, Intermediate frequency filter to cb, quartz, component replaces ALFY455H made by Toko, equivalent S455HT, CQ 33-455HT, L72-0319-05, Kenwood, President, Stabo, TTI

  • Ceramic Filters for IF 455IT...

    Ceramic Filters For IF 455kHz +/- 2kHz - muRata - 455IT, series: CFWLA455KJFA, CFW - 455 kHz IT ; CERAFIL (Filters, Traps, Discriminators) Filters for Communication Equipment. To radio cb: President, M-tech, TTI, Lafayette, Stabo, Yosan. Better selectivity of receiver.