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  • Assembly, maintenance,...

    We offer for rent a basket lift on a Renault Master van with an operator for work at heights such as: assembly, maintenance, dismantling of advertising, coffers, logos, large format inscriptions, sticking billboards, billboards, banners, mash grids on buildings, tenements, galleries, by streets, poles. Service for advertising agencies. Radom, Warsaw, Piaseczno

  • Coating, Paint thickness meter -...

    Rental of a paint thickness meter, rental of a tester for measuring paint coatings, a film thickness gauge, a thickness gauge, a sensor, a lacquer meter, a tester. We offer the possibility of renting a checked paint thickness meter - a rental company Radom

  • Basket boom lift, Bucket Truck,...

    Rental of a mounting hoist, rent a basket boom lift, increases for various types of assembly, inspection, maintenance and rescue works carried out at heights. We provide services for telecommunications, electrical, construction companies, cable television networks, as well as private persons, building administrations, housing communities in Radom and surrounding areas.

  • Rental of basket boom lift for...

    Basket boom lif for works related to the construction of street lighting - rental with an operator. maintenance, assembly, disassembly of lighting columns, replacement of lanterns, construction of overhead power lines, removal of failures, installation of led lamps on the façade. Execution, modernization, reconstruction of the overhead-cable line, road lighting, playgrounds, car park.

  • Metal Detector - Radom Rental

    Metal detectors for rent, rental of a professional metal detector, help in finding lost items in snow, grass, on the construction site, in the search for missing metal objects (rings, keys, coins, jewelery, wallets, pendrives, telephones, sewage sumps, militaries). How to find a metal detector in Radom

  • Rental of basket lift for...

    A basket lift for work related to the assembly of masts, handles, antennas - rental with an operator.  maintenance, assembly, disassembly, replacement of a satellite dish, terrestrial Digital DVB-T, radio and booms. Rental of assembly hoists, aerial platforms, increases for various types of works carried out at heights. Radom for companies and privately

  • Distance meter - laser range...

    Professional distance meter - laser rangefinder up to 200m. Measuring the height of trees and objects, buildings, chimneys, trees. Digital meter - Leica Disto D5. Rental - Radom, Masovia, Poland

  • Gutter cleaning, roof...

    We provide a basket lift rental service for cleaning and cleaning gutters, downpipes and roof bins, finding defects, items requiring repairs, replacements or repairs. Rental of manlift for repair and maintenance works of guttering, installation of safety nets, clearing, removal of needles, leaves, branches, sand for private houses, district administrations, communities.

  • Detector of metals, profiles,...

    Universal detector for rent. Installation detectors, iron detector, non-ferrous metals, wood, pipes and cables under voltage. Three detection modes: detection mode for drywall, metal, live wires. Detects ferrous metals, wires, cords, wood. Maximum detection depth: 120mm. Tool rental, rental of Radom measuring devices.

  • Installation of external,...

    Rental of a basket lift for mounting external, electric, anti-burglary blinds, blinds, mosquito nets, awnings in hard to reach places. We offer assistance in works at heights for the montage: external roller shutter, aluminum, awnings, mosquito nets, quick assembly. We are a professional company that deals with the rental of bucket trucks in and around Radom.

  • Cutting down trees, shrubs,...

    Rental of a basket lift for tree felling and greenery maintenance. Pruning, pruning, teething, branch removal, old-growth, tree trunking, trunk milling, coronation, cutting bushes, boughs, hedgerows cutting, podcinka on squares, plots, services of the shearing and pruning excursion, cleaning from trees. Removing the effects of a storm, a storm using a boost.

  • Spikes against birds, pigeons,...

    Rental of a basket lift for mounting protection against birds in hard-to-reach places: assembly of spikes on cornices, window sills, roofs, gutters, grids on balconies. Mount the spikes on birds, moving rods, spirals, needles, nets, electrical systems. Anti-bird spike bar Antikatak AVIK PIK STV Stop-bird on pigeon Avipoint Ecopic BirdSystem Kraupner deterrence Radom and around