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  • Szczotka węglowa 6x9
    • Obecnie brak na stanie
    Carbon brush 6x9 Ocel Moretti

    Carbon brush 6x9. Replacement carbon brushes for italian motors Ocel Moretti used in sewing machines.

  • Rezystor mocy do silnika
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    Power resistor for the Ocel...

    Power resistor, green coil for italian industrial motor, engine Ocel Moretti, used in sewing machine

  • Rotating stand for unwinding...

    Rotating stand for unwinding cables with discs, vertical unreeling stand. Manual, portable decoiler, cable ring coiler. Coil wires in reels, conduits, cords, straps, wire, foiled in bundles, loose - folding unwinder. Unreeling of the rope without twisting.