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Reparation of air conditioning Waeco

Service of stationary air conditioners Waeco

Service of stationary air conditioners Waeco

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  • Service, Repairing of the roof...

    Service, Repairing of the rooftop air conditioner WAECO CoolAir CA 850S, Truck parking cooler CA850, CA850S, 4442700222, 9100100027, 9100100024, 9100100026, VA31-B100/HD/IE-106A/SH 24V, BSA645CR-R1, G41BC10UD, IRF1010N, IRFI3205, 11196012

  • Repair of the Dometic WAECO...

    Repair Dometic WAECO CoolAir RT880 roof air conditioner, parking cooler, service, regeneration, does not cool, heats up, error codes LO, L0, F04, 07, turns off, does not turn on, hole in the system, inserting service valves, adding, filling with gas from air conditioning in trucks, lorries, tractors 24 V. RT880, 9105305551, 936000849, 44220456, 530W, R134a / 02kg. WAEKO, WABECO, WABEKO