Sterownik 101N0210 do sprężarki BD35, BD50

Secop 101N0210 Electronic Unit for BD35, BD50 Compressors, Fridge Control Module

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Electronic Unit 101N0210 (12/24V DC) – BD35F, BD50F - BLDC control module for compressor, DC Controller – startup and driver for Danfoss, Secop BD 35/50. Control box, inverter car fridge, electronic plate for the car refrigerator. Starting device, compressor starter. Driver built on the Dialog D0798BA processor


Secop 101N0210 Electronic Unit

This is the standard dual voltage (12v - 24v) replacement control module found on Danfoss/Secop BD35 and BD50 compressors.

It is considered a direct replacement. Simply remove a single screw to release module for the side of the compressor to  reveal the 3-pin plug that attaches the module to the compressor.

Please carefully check used model and type unit before buying!

Controller compatible with:

- 101Z0200 - BD35F mm
- 101Z0204 - BD35F inch
- 101Z1220 - BD50F mm
- 101Z0203 - BD50F inch

Application in:

- Fridge VOLVO FH
- Fridge SCANIA R (1858584)
- Fridge MERCEDES Actros
- Fridge DAF XF/CF
- Fridge IVECO Stralis
- Fridge MAN TGA, TGX, TGL, TGS (81269016045)
- Fridge RENAULT Magnum/Premium
- Fridge INDEL B (TB 31A/41A/51A; 45A/55A; TB25AM/35AM/36AM/2001; UR25/35; CR40/42/49/85/100/130)
- Fridge EZETIL (EZC 25/35/45)
- Fridge DOMETIC (CDF 11/16/18/26/36/46; CFX 35/40/50/65/65DZ; CF 80/110; CD 30; CRD 50; CS MP2; RHD 50)
- Fridge WAECO (CDF 11/16/18/25/35/45; CFX 35/40/50/65/65DZ; CF 80/110; CD 30; CRD 50; FC 40; CS MP2; RHD 50)

Compatible with electronic units SECOP and DANFOSS:

  • 101N0212
  • 101N0220
  • 101N0230
  • 101N0240
  • 101N0250
  • 101N0260
  • 101N0650
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