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Man TGX Facelift 2018 – spare parts to fridge

spare parts to original fridge Man TGX Facelift 2018 Breit

Spare parts to original fridge, refrigerator Man MAN TGX Facelift 2018 Breit

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  • Electronic panel, board for...

    Electronic panel, board for switching on, setting temperature control, control unit for truck MAN TGX, range model Facelift Breit 81.63910.6109, refrigerator art. SKU 9105330716, nr E237212, FR4, SP-586D-A1583, V1.06_0x612c, MGSP586D064, PCB SZZB, CQC11001060531, HYHH-HM, ESD Sensitive, PCB top digital

  • Secop BD1.4F-VSD compressor...

    Compressor BD1.4F-VSD on R134a for mobile refrigerator, portable freezers bus, RV, camper, vans, small trucks, boats, , transportation of drugs 12v, 24v DC, Secop 109Z 0200 by Nidec. Hermetical, piston, cooling compressor. Application e.g.:  portable fridge Dometic, IndelB, Iveco, Man, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Volvo