Secop BD1.4F-VSD compressor 109Z0200 for mobile fridge 12/24V DC (R134a)

Secop BD1.4F-VSD compressor 109Z0200 for mobile fridge 12/24V DC (R134a)

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Compressor BD1.4F-VSD on R134a for mobile refrigerator, portable freezers bus, RV, camper, vans, small trucks, boats, , transportation of drugs 12v, 24v DC, Secop 109Z 0200 by Nidec. Hermetical, piston, cooling compressor. Application e.g.:  portable fridge Dometic, IndelB, Iveco, Man, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Volvo


Compressor BD1.4F-VSD Secop for fridge 12/24V

The BD1.4F-VSD compressor from Secop is 60% smaller than previous models and weighs in at only 2.3 kilograms. Perfect for 10-30 litre in-car/van/boat cabinets or portable boxes that need to fit into tight spaces without compromising storage space.

Specially designed for maximum efficiency and reliability this powerhouse of a compressor makes it easier than ever to provide leading class mobile fridges.

Enabling the variable speed function increases the system’s COP. Low energy consumption is beneficial for car/van/boat batteries – as well as the environment. The optimized, low noise motor ensures outstanding performance when you want to provide that extra degree of luxury on the move.

Product Features:
- Low weight, less than 2.5 kg
- Smaller size, 60% less than standard products
- Electronic compressor control
- Low sound emission
- Lower energy consumption
- High cooling capacity ratio
- Compact design

• Fan speed control: 40-100%, start / stop delay
• compressor speed control
• ECO function
• flexible choice of thermostats: mechanical or electronic

The compressor requires a Power Module to run.

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