Black Remote control for roof air conditioning Dometic FreshLight B 1600, 2200, 2600, 3000

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Remote control for parking coolers Dometic B1600, B1600 Plus, B2200, B2600, B3000, FreshLight 1600, 2200. Parking air conditioning for motorhomes, trailers, vans, roof parking air conditioning. Transmitter, temperature controller, roof air conditioning settings.


Remote control for roof air conditioning Dometic B1600 / B2200 / B2600 / B3000 / FreshLight 1600 / 2200

Please check the air conditioner type and model carefully before buying!

The remote control has a digital readout, which shows e.g. temperature, fan speed, battery status and clock. The remote control is delivered with a handle. Original product from Dometic brand.

Used in:

  • Dometic B1600 Plus
  • Dometic B2200
  • Dometic B2200 H, B2200 S/L, B2200 S/LS/R, B2200 S/L/S/R, B2200 WD1S/L, B2200 WDS/L, B2200 WDS/LS/R, B2200 WD1S/LS/R
  • Dometic B2600
  • Dometic B2500
  • Dometic B3000 Plus
  • Dometic Freshlight 1600
  • Dometic Freshlight 2200

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