Condenser fan for DOMETIC FJ1700, FJ2200 air conditioner

Condenser fan for DOMETIC FJ1700, FJ2200 air conditioner

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Fan for DOMETIC air conditioner Blower with horizontal pin, impeller at the bottom with condensate outlet holes. Black rotor, propeller for auxiliary air conditioning condenser, for RV, caravan, blower, parking, roof, car air conditioner, ebmpapst, 220mm, R2E220-RA38-12, R2E220-RA38-35. FJ1700, FJ1700AM, FJ1700eIR, FJ2200, FJ2200T, FJ2200AM, FJ2200OE, FJ2200eIR, FJ2200SLSR. 


Condenser fan for DOMETIC FJ 1700 / 2200 air conditioner

Please carefully check the currently installed element before buying and replacing!


- Blower type: centrifugal
- Bearing type: ball
- Volatege: AC 230V 50/60 Hz
- Power: 88 W/ 107W
- Width: 22cm
- Height: 7,1cm
- Rotations: 2050-2100 rpm
- Temperature range: -25 to 50°C
- Air flow: 885 m3/h
- Sound intensity: 59dBA

Application in models:

  • Dometic FJ1700
  • Dometic FJ1700AM
  • Dometic FJ1700eIR
  • Dometic FJ2200
  • Dometic FJ2200T
  • Dometic FJ2200AM
  • Dometic FJ2200OE
  • Dometic FJ2200eIR
  • Dometic FJ2200SLSR
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