Filtr ceramiczny 450HT typ SFPLA

Ceramic filter 450HT muRata 450kHz, type: SFPLA450KH1A

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Ceramic filter 450kHz +/- 3kHz - muRata - 450HT, type: SFPLA450KH1A, CFP - 450 kHz HT, CFU450HT, 3 legs, (Filters, Traps, Discriminators) Intermediate frequency filter For AM cb, Audio, Visual Equipment, quartz, component replaces Kyocera KBF-450P-6AS, LT450HTU

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Ceramic filter second Intermediate frequency 450kHz - muRata ± 3kHz HT – 3 legs

SFPLA series for AM use is one of the most suitable intermediate filters, having such distinctive features as high selectivity, high stability, high attenuation, and adjustment-free operation. Additionally its easy matching with IC helps create an easy circuit design. This is the most suitable for car-stereo and all band radio with high attenuation.

Please check it carefully before purchase and replacement!

Most common in radio CB, it is filter ± 3kHz HT.

NOTE: fits to radio:

  • Uniden Pro 510XL
  • Uniden Pro 520XL

And others, in which there is a fail filters 450kHz.


The offered type: SFPLA450KH1A-B0

We recommend ceramic filters 450kHz - ± 3kHz also for hobbyist, amateur constructors of radio...

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