AM/FM ceramic filters kit for Yaesu FT857 / FT897

AM/FM muRata ceramic filters kit for Yaesu FT857 / FT897

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AM/FM ceramic filters set for Yaesu FT857, FT897. Bundle Replacement for Signal Crash TOKO A55G, TOKO A55E, TOKO A55H, 3 PCS, FT-857d, FT-897d, CF1002, CF1003, CF1005, equivalent ALFYM455E=K, ALFYM455G=K, ALFYM455H=K, H3900543, H3900545, H3900542. Crashes in receiver, with or without antenna attached.


AM ceramic filters kit for Yaesu FT857 / FT897

After replace for filter high class, radio can: receive more signal when the same noise, less crosstalk, have better selectivity, cut out signals sent in other frequencies than right one for present channel. - It all depends of what radio and what filter there was

Please check it carefully before purchase and replacement!

3 PCS Bundle Replacement for YAESU FT-857d and FT-897d Signal Crash 455E/455G/455H Filter (For Signal Crash). Marked on PCB: CF1002, CF1003, CF1005.

CF1002 ALFYM455E=K H3900543
CF1003 ALFYM455G=K H3900545
CF1005 ALFYM455H=K H3900542

These are 3 Pieces of muRata CFWLB filters: 455G, 455E, 455HT. Filter be replaced Yaesu FT857d and FT897d TOKO A55G, TOKO A55E, TOKO A55H

NOTE: The set is suitable for replacement in transceivers: Yaesu FT-857, FT-897, FT-857d i FT-897d

The set includes: CFWLB455KEFA, CFWLB455KGFA, CFWLB455KHFA

Filters are better than: TOKO, LTM i LTW.

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