Naprawa - regeneracja agregatu lodówki Danfoss BD

Repair - regeneration, commissioning of the unit, Danfoss BD refrigeration compressor

Repair, service, regeneration, launch, commissioning of the aggregate Danfoss refrigeration unit for a car refrigerator (BD35, BD80, 101Z0200, 101Z0220, 101Z1220). Hermetical, piston, cooling compressor, condensing unit, compressor for refrigeration equipment.


Repair and service - regeneration -  Danfoss BD compressor

The compressor range goes from small direct current hermetic compressors for mobile applications. Energy optimized compressors, variable speed compressors and compressors for solar applications are available. Danfoss / Secop compressors are used in numerous applications such as white goods, mobile refrigeration, light commercial refrigeration, transportation of drugs, storage of food under difficult conditions without power supply, ice cream stands in holiday resorts, remote bottle coolers, refrigerators in boats.

If the winding is actually damaged or the plunger is broken; best to install new parts:

- Original Danfoss / Secop BD35F compressor BD35F

- Replacement of the compressor with the DB35 controller DB35

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Compressor Danfoss - repair number: BD35F, BD80F 101Z0200
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