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  • Holder for NTC thermistor sensor...

    Thermostat fixing, temperature sensor holder for the WAECO 24V Man TGA coolbox. Replacement of a damaged NTC thermistor.

  • Secop 101N0212 Electronic Unit...

    Electronic Unit 101N0212 (12/24V DC) – BD35F, BD50F - BLDC control module for compressor, DC Controller – startup and driver for Danfoss, Secop BD 35/50. Control box, inverter car fridge, electronic plate for the truck refrigerator. Starting device, compressor starter. Equivalent 101N0210, 101N0220, 101N0221, 101N0320, 101N0321, 101N0400, 101N0401, 101N0500, 101N0501, 101N0600, 101N0630, 101N0650