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Dometic 14L portable medical fridge for transporting vaccines, blood, growth hormone, medicines with temperature display

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Mini fridge, small portable fridges, pharmaceutical, laboratory vaccine carriers, medical refrigeratior 14l, 12v, 230v with heating function, incubator, thermostat, Constant Temperature Transport Container of vaccines, injections, blood, growth hormone, drugs, medicines, interferon, insulin, antibiotics, immunological products, reagent & pharmacy, medical refrigerator. Cooler transportation 2-8 Celsius

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Dometic 14L portable mini medical fridge for transporting vaccines, blood, hormones, medicines

Minifridge, small, portable pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical refrigerator with heating function, electronic thermostat and LCD display control panel. Thermoelectric cooler capacity 14L.

It is possible to connect the fridge to a lighter to keep the set temperature constant during transport by car, ambulance or pharmacy transport and to the mains supply at home, pharmacy, hospital, laboratory. It is ideal for all travelers traveling longer distances.


Designed for the transport of vaccines, blood, growth hormone, anaphylactic drugs, adrenaline and other drugs administered by injection, interferon, insulin, antibiotics, immunological products, biological samples, transport of heat-sensitive substances, for the transport and storage of fluids for parenteral nutrition.

The refrigerator is also recommended for diabetics, those taking growth hormone and doctors who carry out home visits and veterinarians.

It helps to maintain the cold chain.


  • digital display of the current temperature in the refrigerator
  • provides optimal storage conditions at a constant temperature in the range of 4-50 degrees Celsius
  • temperature electronically regulated by a digital thermostat with an accuracy of +/- 1°C
  • settings memory
  • forced air circulation inside the device
  • detachable lid with magnetic lock
  • strong carrying handle
  • it works even in the reclined position

NOTE: DC 12V and AC 230V power supply - thanks to this you can connect the refrigerator both in the car and at home!

The refrigerator can be additionally equipped with:

- an external battery that allows you to maintain the temperature inside the device after disconnecting from the power supply


- Capacity: 14l
- Cooling type: Peltier system, without CFC
- Insulation: polyurethane foam filling
- Power supply: DC12V; AC220-240V 50-60HZ
- Energy consumption:
12 V: 46 W
230 V: 64 W
- Constant temperature (+/-1°C) electronically regulated by a digital thermostat
- Possibility to program the temperature in the range: from +4°C to +50°C cooling / heating
- External dimensions  303 x 328 x 450 mm (W x H x D)
- Weight: 7 kg