Repair - service of the Renault Premium 7420944918 refrigerator

Repair - service of the Renault Premium 7420944918 refrigerator

Service Renault Premium 7420944918. refrigerators. Original truck fridge works only while driving, stopped working, poorly, does not cool, freeze, short-circuits, doesn’t work, refrigerator fuse, does not turn on/off, lint, standing, replacement, damage evaporator. Repair of starter ECU control unit electronics 101N0210, Danfoss BD35F compressor, thermostat


Repair and service of Renault Premium 7420944918 fridges

We offer comprehensive repair of truck fridges including electronics parts, cooling and mechanical services.

We collect damaged and send back repaired fridges from all over Poland and Europe

Service „door to door”

We do, among other things:
- Repair of thermostat
- Repair of refrigerator electronic unit
- Repair of the compressor controller (101N0210)
- Repair, starting of the refrigeration compressor by Danfoss / Secop BD35
- Soft and hard soldering of copper
- Aluminum welding
- Sealing refrigerant leak
- Refill refrigerant freezer (R134a - Freon - Tetrafluoroetan - C2H2F4)