Osłona gumowa magnesu do anteny CB

Anti-scratch Rubber Boot Cover - fits CB Magnet Mount

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Anti-scratch Rubber Boot Cover - fits Magnet Mount (Ferrite) CB Radio taxi mobile antenna Aerials, mag mount, Scratch proof magnet cover cap. (President, Yosan, Sunker, Intek, Dirland, Cobra, Midland, Silicon, Farun, Lemm, Sirio, BNU, HUSTLER, VK, WILSON Little Will, PREMIER Delta, Sierra, Winipeg, AT 1063, 1231, BA 110, BA150 ML-145, CTE: BM140 PL, DV, OMEGA-27, DAKOTA, MISSOURI, FLORIDA, AS 100


Anti-scratch Rubber Boot Cover for CB Radio antenna


Rubber boots are in black colour only.
Rubbers are new, applied to the magnetic base.
Made in EU of the highest quality material
Every type fits the selected magnet mount model perfectly.
Removable Rubber Boot to protect from magnet scuffing on surface.

Available sizes:

- Rubber boot of diameter:  6”  (156mm)
Fits  e.g.: CTE: BM140PL, BM140DV, LEMM BA150
- Rubber boot of  diameter : 5 ¾”  (145mm)
Fits  e.g.: President ML-145, President DAKOTA, TTI ML-145, TTI-CBX-14, TTI 28-UP, Sunker CB106, Farun ML-145
- Rubber boot of  diameter : 5”  (124mm)
Fits  e.g.: SIRIO/MIDLAND ML-145, Sirio OMEGA-27
- Rubber boot of  diameter : 4 ½”  (115mm)
Fits  e.g.: Lemm AT 1063/931/1231, magnes BA 110 LEMM
- Rubber boot of  diameter : 4 ¼”  (108mm)
Fits  e.g.: PREMIER Delta, PREMIER Sierra, BNU 756
- Rubber boot of  diameter : 4”  (100mm)
Fits  e.g.: WILSON Little Will
- Rubber boot of  diameter : 3 3/5”  (92mm)
Fits  e.g.: Sirio AS 100 MAG, Sirio SILVER-90, Sirio MINI SNAKE 27
- Rubber boot of  diameter : 3 ½”  (90mm)
Fits  e.g.: President FLORIDA , President SUPER FLORIDA, President ML-30, Yosan FLORIDA, Farun WINIPEG
- Rubber boot of  diameter : 3 ½”  (90mm)
Fits  e.g.: Cobra HG-A1500
- Rubber boot of  diameter : 3 ½”  (90mm)
Fits  e.g.: HUSTLER 1C-100, Sunker CB 109, VK 100
- Rubber boot of  diameter : 3 ½”  (90mm)
Fits  e.g.: Midland 18-244, Silicon 18-244, Farun SCB24, Sunker CB2, Sirio MINIMAG 27, BNU 751B, , BNU 714 N, BNU 741 B
- Rubber boot of  diameter : 3”  (75mm)
Fits  e.g.: President  OHIO, President MISSOURI, President MICHIGAN, Sunker CB1

- Rubber boot of  diameter : 2 3/5”  (66mm)
Fits  e.g.: President GEORGIA, President SUPER GEORGIA, Yosan GEORGIA, Sunker CB105, Intek MAG1345, Dirland MICRO 30

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