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CB Radio President Signal Crash - Johnny II ASC

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President CB radio does not work, does not receive any voices, the broadcast is ok, the radio has stopped receiving, silence, none noise and zero indications on the s-meter. President Johnny II ASC, Johnny III ASC, Harry II ASC, Harry II ASc, Harry III ASC, Teddy ASC, Truman ASC, Taylor II CLASSIC, Taylor III ASC, Lincoln - replacement of the intermediate filter for muRata 455HT

A frequent problem with cb radios the brand of President are manifested by the fact that the radio does not pick up when attached. There is even no characteristic noise when switching off the ASC. Total silence and zero indications on the s-meter, while broadcasting works fine, the modulation is nice, clean, and the power is about 4W at the output.


The cause of this fault is damage to the second intermediate frequency filter of the factory installed on the radio cb. It usually has the mark: CQ 455HT. In order to verify the fault, use the meter to measure the voltage on the transistor based mounted after the 2nd IF ceramic filter, the value below 0.7V means damage to this filter.


Repair method:

Replacing the broken filter on Murata 455HT filter, which brings immediate turned of full functionality.