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Scania fridges

fridges Scania

Fridges to truck SCANIA 4 (124L), R, P, G, T

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  • Scania R Series under bunk...

    35 Litre Fridge to suit the Scania R Series cabs is capacious and stylish refrigerator with a fall-front door and an inner sliding drawer. Brand new, cheap,  coolerbox with compressor for tir, truck, without freezer, by Indelb TB34AM. Under bunk, bed mounted.

  • Lodówka do samochodu Scania R - oryginalna, fabryczna
    • Obecnie brak na stanie
    Original Scania R Series...

    Original under bunk fridge for Scania R Series sleeper cabs.. Under-bed refrigerator with or without freezer. Capacity 20l and 9l or 29l. tir 18-30-5026, CR/CT 19. Truck HGV fridge with compressor, in cab factory mounted cooler box P, G, R, T (1891673, 2114785) 24V DC.