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Dometic - CFX3 100 - spare parts of fridge

spare parts to car fridge Dometic CFX3 100 99L for 12V, 24V 110V, 230V

Spare parts to mini fridge Dometic Coolfreeze CFX3 100 Coolbox, mobile coolers, portable freezers and refrigerators for 12v, 24v, 110V, 220-230V

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  • DC 12v power socket for Dometic...

    Power socket with fuse for connecting a 12v, 24v power supply, allows you to connect the power cord with plug to the cigarette lighter. Application for tourist refrigerators - compressor with aggregate, contact Dometic, Mobicool CDF236, CFF12, CFF20, CFF70DZ, CFX3100, CFX325, CFX345, CFX355, CFX355IM, CFX375DZ, CFX395DZ, MCG15, MCG15B

  • Top digital control panel for...

    Digital control panel, Dometic original replacement top PCB board to suit CFX325, CFX335, CFX345, CFX355, CFX355IM, CFX375DZ, CFX395DZ, CFX3100, CFX3 25, 35, 45, 55, 55IM, 75DZ, 95DZ, 100. Switch on/off and electronic temperature control. Front panel with electronic display. Top PCB with Digital screen and USB port, HMI and Connectivity Module MGSP619M070.PCB, SP-619D-A2279, 0xE6F3, ESPRESSIF

  • DFC20AD Electronic Unit for Compressor, Dometic CFX3 75, 95 DualZone Fridge Control Module
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    DFC20AD Electronic Unit for...

    Electronic Unit Dometic DFC20AD (12 / 24V DC; 100-240V AC 50 / 60Hz) control module for compressor, multi voltage AC/DC Controller replacement startup and driver for Waeco ACV20DC R134a, 24-50VDC, 60-120Hz, 3PH Guangzhou Wanbao UCT Compressor Co. Ltd. Control box, inverter portable fridge, electronic plate for the refrigerator. Starting device, starter for Dometic CFX335, CFX355, DFC20AD42E, HW12

  • Thermostat, NTC temperature...

    Thermostat, original NTC temperature sensor, electronic thermometer, sensor for the Dometic refrigerator, domitic, domatic, domestik, suitable for mobile compressor cool box CDF2 36, CFF 35, CFF 45, CFF 70DZ, CFX3 35, CFX3 45, CFX3 55, CFX3 55IM, CFX3 75DZ, CFX3 95D, CFX3 100 fridge, shop, accessories, original spare parts.

  • Drain plug, drain condensation, Dometic Waeco CFX 28  CFX 35, CFX 40, CFX 50, CFX 65DZ, CFX 75DZ, CFX 95, CFX 100
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    Drain plug, drain condensation,...

    Drain plug, stopper, drain condensation for fridge Dometic CFX325, CFX335, CFX345, CFX355, CFX355IM, CFX375DZW, CFX395DZ, CFX3100. Domectik, domestic, domatic. Blanking hole for water drain cooler, plug for draining water in the refrigerator. Water accumulation problem.

  • LED light for Dometic CFF, CFX3...

    Internal LED light assembly for Dometic serie CFX3 refrigerators CFX325, CFX335, CFX345, CFX355, CFX355IM, CFX375DZW, CFX395DZ, CFX3100, fridge interior lighting 12v.

  • Protective cover led light for...

    Protective cover led light assembly for Dometic serie CFX3 refrigerators CFX325, CFX335, CFX345, CFX355, CFX355IM, CFX375DZW, CFX395DZ, CFX3100, CFF12, CFF20, CFF35, CFF45 refrigerators, fridge. Protective ceiling glass interior lighting 12v.

  • ACV25DC compressor 12 / 24v DC...

    Hermetic compressor Waeco Wancool ACV25DC, compressor for car fridge, vans, boats, trucks, small refrigeration unit R134a and 12 V and 24 V DC. Retekool Motor LBP 65W, Used in transport equipment such as caravans, trucks, buses, yachts and ships. Fits in portable refrigerators, e.g. Dometic CFX3 95DZ, 100