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IndelB TB51a – spare parts to fridge

spare parts to car refrigerator IndelB TB51a

Spare parts to car fridge, refrigerator, freezer IndelB TB51a

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  • 12V / 24V DC power cable for...

    Portable Refrigerators Power Cable Angle plug DC Cigar Plug 12V / 24V for Car, Truck, RV, Boat. IndelB genuine replacement DC lead to TB15, TB18, TB31A, TB41A, TB51A, Steel TB65DD, TB74, TB92DD, TB100, TB118DD, TB130 fridge/freezer models. Power supply cord, connection, extension, spare parts.

  • Electronic panel, display board,...

    Electronic panel with display complete with support, board for setting temperature, control unit for fridge IndelB: model TB31A, TB41A, TB51A. PCB top digital BDG24-45-R, 122205AB, HW18 v2.

  • Sticker for top DIGITAL control...

    Indel B original replacement membrane to suit top control boards on all digital TB31A, TB41A, TB51A fridge/freezer models regardless of capacity in litres. This is identifiable by the word "ECO/MAX" on the sticker.

  • Panel with buttons for...

    Plastic panel with button for portable refrigerator IndelB: model TB31A, TB41A, TB51A. Cover plate for electronic panel with switching on and setting the temperature in the fridge.

  • IndelB Lid Door Assembly for...

    Lid for IndelB TB31A, TB41A, TB51A portable fridge. Refrigerator removable flap, lid car cooler box, cover. Complete door with lid latch and seal.

  • Fridge door hinge pin for cover...

    Pins complete with springs for fridge cover IndelB TB31A, TB41A, TB51A, hinge pin for refrigerator door, lid, bolt cover, wedge freezer.

  • IndelB fridge TB31A TB41A TB51A...

    Original replacement thermistor to suit fridge Indel B TB31 A, TB41 A, TB51 A. Refrigerator NTC sensor, thermostat.

  • Indel B Carry Handle, Holder...

    Indel B genuine replacement handle to suit TB 31, TB 31 A, TB41, TB41 A, TB51 A fridge, portable freezer models. Holder, refrigerator spare parts.

  • Portable refrigerator Indel B TB 51A wire basket,  box
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    Portable refrigerator Indel B TB...

    Metal mesh basket for Indel B TB51A car refrigerator, container, wire organizer, chest freezer, pull-out containers. Original wire box, divided into food. Parts for portable car and coolers.

  • Secop 101N0510 Electronic Unit...

    Electronic Unit 101N0510 (12 / 24V DC; 100-240V AC 50 / 60Hz) – BD35F, BD50F, BD80CN - BLDC control module for compressor, multi voltage AC/DC Controller replacement 101N0500, Waeco MFC20AD, startup and driver for Danfoss, Secop BD 35/50. Control box, inverter car fridge, electronic plate for the portable refrigerator. Starting device, starter for DB35 compressor for 220V and 230V.

  • Indel B Light fixture box for...

    Light fixture box to the Indel B fridge, fits model TB 31, TB 31 A, TB41, TB41 A, TB51 A, TB 2001. Light holder, attaching the lamp, lighting fixture for refrigerators and portable freezers. Spare parts.

  • Bulb 12V 3W for portable fridge IndelB, Waeco, Dometic
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    Bulb 12V 3W for portable fridge...

    Bulb for portable refrigerator, cooler IndelB, Dometic, Waeco, internal light assembly for fridge C3W, 12V, 3W, 8 x 36mm, SV6 Car bulbs.