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Absorption refrigerator not working on gas

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In an absorption fridge with an electronic reigniter, eg Dometic, Norcold, when a refrigerator will not function on gas (propane), the LED starts flashing or the service mark on the display.



Set the energy selector switch to position “OFF”.

  • Is there any gas in the gas bottle?
  • Is the gas bottle valve open?
  • Is the on-board shut-off valve open?

Action you can take:

  • Change gas bottle.
  • Open the gas bottle valve.
  • Open the cut-out device.


Set the main switch to “on”. The reignition starts again.

If after about 30 seconds the operating display starts flashing red again, the gas fault has not been cleared (e.g. air in the gas pipe).


  • Briefly switch the refrigerator off and then on again using main switch. To remove air from the gas pipes, repeat this procedure 3-4 times.


If these actions do not help, send the refrigerator an authorised Dometic Service Centre