Fußschalter FS-1 USB Einzelfußschalterpedal - Kunststoff.

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Fußpedal FS-1 USB - Kunststoff Fußschalter HID, Controller, Fußpedalschalter, Trittschalter, Fußtaster, Tritttaster  für Ihren PC-Fußschalter. Fußschalter Single Action Pedal Control Tastatur, Maus, Spiel.


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Single plastic footswitch - controlled by USB


Footswitch USB – allow for comfortable, precise switching applications or change the type of weapon in computer games. You can define the function of the footswitch, for example You can use it as a microphone control key or run a favorite macro with it, move the cursor and press the left mouse button and Space + Enter.
The number of usage and configuration is huge, and all only by use foot!

Switch used from ordinary PC (games, applications, system) for solution in automation, production ...

Color : Black
Material : Plastic
Length (USB cable) : 170 cm
Compatible with : Win: XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Switch action : Individual configuration
Plug and play : Don't requirement controller
Compatible with USB : 1.1 HID (Human Interface Device)
Size : 10 x 6,3 x 4cm
Weight : 105 g

The program for configuring the footswitch functions is free. Available for download from the site: Here

On request we can possible to program footswitch before shipping.

It works with Linux, MAC OS X also but you must first program functions on the Windows system.

Don't requirement controller.

Modern foot switch USB with wide spectrum of capabilities.

On request available metal versions; 2 or 3 composite switches on one board.

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