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Shop rules

I. General conditions

1. The online store, located on the website at, allows you to make purchases via the Internet.

2. The store is run by the company:

Podchorazych 7 Street
26-600 Radom

Available means of communication are:

Telephone - 0048 48 364 09 46

E-mail -

3. Purchase in the online store means acceptance of these regulations, which is the regulations referred to in Article 9 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 144, item 1204, as amended). The Ordering Party is obliged to comply with all provisions of the Regulations. The sale takes place on the basis of the version of these Regulations, in force at the time of placing the order.

II. The procedure for placing and processing orders

1. The order can be placed using the product added to the shopping cart function and then via the "Order" button, which means confirmation of the order with the obligation to pay. In order to be able to correctly perform the order procedure, it will be necessary to set up a user account, thanks to which you can also observe the status of the order.

2. Within the functioning of the Store, the following payment methods are possible:

- transfer to a bank account

3. The customer who chose the option of payment by bank transfer is obliged to pay the fee for the order placed within 10 business days from the date of placing the order. Otherwise, the Seller's offer is not binding and the order is removed from the system. In the payment title, just enter the number of the order. It is possible to extend the payment period with prior notification of the fact the Store.

4. Personal collection at the company's headquarters - possible, after prior arrangement.

5. The basic condition for the implementation of purchases is to read these Regulations and its acceptance and correct completion of contact details along with a valid, existing e-mail address and phone number at which you can confirm the order.

6. The order can be placed 24 hours a day throughout the year via the website: and by e-mail to the following address: Orders placed on weekdays after hours. 14:00, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays - will be carried out the next business day.

7. In the case of circumstances preventing completely or temporarily the implementation of the order, the company P.U.H. HESTA reserves the right to suspend the execution of the order - it commits to notify the Ordering Party immediately about the situation. The store reserves the right to any errors in the descriptions, as well as prices of the products offered.

8. Orders in which the contact details have been incorrectly filled (no e-mail or no telephone) will not be considered.

9. The store reserves the right to suspend orders that raise doubts.

10. Prices of goods in the online store are given in Polish zlotys and include VAT (gross prices).

11. The company P.U.H. HESTA issues a receipt or a VAT invoice for the purchased goods. In order to receive a VAT invoice, you must correctly fill in the company's data together with the tax identification number (VAT-EU).

III. General provisions

1. All rights to the Online Store, including proprietary copyrights, intellectual property rights to its name, its Internet domain, the Online Store Website, as well as to patterns, descriptions, forms, logos posted on the Store Website (except logotypes and photos presented on the Shop Website for the purpose of presenting goods to which copyrights belong to third parties) belong to the Seller, and the use of them can only be made in a manner specified and in accordance with the Regulations and the Seller's consent expressed in writing.

2. Photographs may be illustrative, hence colors, ways of marking, or the actual appearance of products may differ from the one presented in the pictures. These differences have no effect on the performance of the products.

3. Presentation of the content on the Store's website, referring to products (including prices), do not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of art. 66 of the Civil Code, but an invitation to conclude an agreement specified in Article 71 of the Civil Code.

IV. Complaint

1. The seller bears responsibility under the warranty for physical and legal defects of the goods to the extent specified in art. 556 and following acts of April 23, 1964 - Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 121)

2. The physical defect of the goods consists in the incompatibility of the item sold with the contract, and so if the goods do not have properties that should have due to the purpose of the contract, resulting from circumstances or intended use, the product was released to the customer incompletely.

3. The legal defect of goods occurs when the goods are owned by a third party or are encumbered with the right of a third party, if the limitation in use or regulation results from a decision or decision of a competent authority.

4. In the case of the Consumer, the same as the assurance of the Seller shall be treated as public assurance of the producer or entity that places the goods on the market in the scope of their business, or who presents itself as a producer. However, the seller is not liable if he did not know these assurances or could not know them, or if these assurances could not affect the Consumer's decision to conclude the sale agreement, and when the content of those assurances was corrected before the sale agreement was concluded.

5. The seller is liable under the warranty if the physical defect is found before the expiration of two years from the date of delivery of the goods to the customer.

6. In the case of a Consumer, if a physical defect was found before the lapse of one year from the date of delivery, it is presumed that the defect or its cause existed at the time of delivery.

7. The seller is responsible for the warranty for physical defects of the goods, which existed at the time of transferring the danger to the customer or resulted from the reason inherent in the item sold at the same time.

8. If the goods have a defect, the Customer may submit a statement about the price reduction or withdrawal from the contract, unless the Seller immediately exchanges the defective goods for a product free from defects or defects removed. This limitation does not apply if the product has already been replaced or repaired by the Seller or the Seller did not satisfy the obligation to exchange the product for one free of defects or to remove the defect.

9. If the product has a defect, the Customer may also demand replacement of the item for free from defects or removal of the defect.

10. The consumer may instead of the removal of the defect proposed by the Seller demand replacement of the goods free of defects, or instead of replacing the goods, demand removal of the defect, unless bringing the goods to compliance with the contract in a manner chosen by the consumer is impossible or would require excessive costs compared to the method proposed by reseller.

11. The customer can not withdraw from the contract if the defect is irrelevant.

12. The Seller undertakes to respond to the complaint within 14 days of its receipt.

13. If the complaint is justified, the Seller undertakes to replace the defective product with a product free from defects or to remove the defect within 14 days from the day the complaint is reported by the customer.

14. A claim for the removal of a defect or replacement of the product to be free from defects expires after one year from the date of finding the defect. In the case of a Consumer, the limitation period can not end before two years have elapsed.

15. The customer realizing the rights resulting from the warranty at his own expense will provide the defective goods to the Seller to the correspondence address indicated in these regulations.

V. The right to withdraw from the contract

1. Pursuant to the Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights, the Consumer may withdraw from the contract for the sale of goods purchased in the Store without giving a reason, by submitting a relevant statement in writing within 14 days from the date of delivery (ie from the date of receipt of the goods by the Consumer). To comply with this deadline, it is enough to send a statement before its expiry.

2. The Consumer may withdraw from the contract by submitting to the Seller a declaration on withdrawal from the contract, according to the model withdrawal form in accordance with Annex 2 to the Act on consumer rights of 30 May 2014

3. A statement on withdrawal from the contract should be sent to the correspondence address provided in these regulations.

4. The right to withdraw from a distance contract is not available to the consumer in relation to contracts, in accordance with the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights Chapter. 4 items 38.

5. The consumer will return the goods to the Seller within 14 days from the date on which he rescinded the contract. To meet the deadline, it is enough to return the goods before its expiry.

6. The Seller shall return to the Consumer all payments made by him, including the cost of delivery of the Goods (according to the lowest proposed delivery option), within 14 days of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal from the contract, however, the payment shall not be returned until the Goods are returned or delivered. by the Consumer, proof of her return.

7. The Seller will refund the payment using the same method of payment as used by the Consumer.

8. The Consumer bears the costs of returning goods for the Seller.

VI. Personal data protection

1. By placing orders, the Customer agrees to the processing of personal data provided by him for the purpose of processing and handling the order by the Seller, who is also the administrator of personal data within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data.

2. Personal data contained in the Seller's database is not transferred to entities not participating in the implementation of the sales contract.

3. The customer, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, has the right to inspect their personal data, the possibility of correcting and deleting them. The Seller provides each Customer with the right to control the processing of data in accordance with art. 32 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.

4. Providing personal data is voluntary, however, the lack of consent to the processing of personal data makes it impossible to complete the Customer's order.

5. In matters relating to the processing of personal data and the use of rights related to their processing, you can contact by e-mail: or by mail to the address of the company.