Filtr ceramiczny 455G typ CFWLB

Filtre céramique 455G muRata 455kHz, tapez: CFWLB455KGFA

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Filtre céramique 455kHz +/- 4,5kHz - muRata - 455G, type: CFWLB455KGFA, CFW - 455 kHz G, 3 + 2 pieds, filtres CERAFIL (filtres, pièges, discriminateurs) pour équipement de communication, composant remplace ALFYM455G par Toko (A55G) , Référence du fabricant: CFWLB455KGFA-B0; KBF-455RS-9A; LTM455GW; ALFYM455G = K


Ceramic filter second Intermediate frequency 455kHz - muRata ± 4,5kHz G - 3+2 legs

CFWLB series ceramic filters are miniature, high performance ceramic filters composed of piezoelectric elements connected in a ladder form. These filters, only 6.3mm high, are 67% the volume of conventional types. They are well suited for miniaturizing various kinds of communications equipment, pocket pagers, pagers, car radios, cordless telephones and mobile telephones.

Please check it carefully before purchase and replacement!

NOTE: The filter is suitable for transceivers with IF 455kHz e.g. on the radios:

  • Yaesu FT857 (CF1003; ALFYM455G=K; H3900545)
  • Yaesu FT897 (CF1003)
  • Kenwood TS-2000 (CF2, part number L72-0985-05; L72-0986-05; TOKO A55GG; A55GT)
  • TM-V71E vhf (CF487 - 55G)

A55G by Toko

The offered type: CFWLB455KGFA-B0

We recommend ceramic filters 455kHz ± 4,5kHz also for hobbyist, amateur constructors of radio...

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