Chaleur Colle Conductrice Thermique Silicone Pâte Graisse Tube 7g

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Pâte thermique adhesive colle silicone électronique, chipset, transistors, puce. Adhésif visqueux de bâton, de graisse de silicone, de conducteur thermique, de radiateur, de dissipateur thermique pour le PC


4Heat Thermal Conductive Silicone Paste Grease 7g Tube

General purpose silicone grease suitable to be used in various applications and in a wide operating temperature range. This metal oxide filled silicone oil paste, gives a superior thermal conductivity for thermal coupling of electrical and electronic components. The thermal grease is efficient and easy to use, with non creep characteristics. Protects from atmospheric factors, prevents from electrical breakdown.

It is necessary with: petier modules, processors.

Operating temperature range: -50~200°C
Freezing pont: -50°C
Flash point: 350°C
Density at temperature.: 1,47 G/cm3
Specific heat at: 0,243 Cal /g K
Refraction coefficient: 1,405
Overall heat transfer coefficient: 0,88 W/m K

It is characterized by very good chemical resistance for oxidation, water solutions of acids, alkalis and salts; sulphur dioxide and ammonia.
It has a wide operating temperature range.

We offer: Heat Thermal Conductive Silicone Grease 7g Tube

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